DLH Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with a hinged (swing) lip.

DLE Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with an extendable lip.

DSCM-R Dock Shelter

The DSC curtain dock shelter

  • Dock bumpers

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  • Dock Levellers

    Since the beginning the dock levellers of Van Wijk Nederland BV have been providing a safe and efficient bridge between the loading dock and the vehicle, and during this time it has proved its value and reliability.

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  • Dock Shelters

    Dock shelters are designed to be installed around industrial doors, sealing the gap between the building and vehicle thereby protecting your people and goods from extremes of temperature and draughts resulting in considerable (energy-) savings. Van Wijk Nederland BV  has 3 different types

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  • Accessories and Supplements

    The product groups are complemented by a range of accessories and supplements, such as dock bumpers and protection products.

    Low Energy LED Dock Lights / Traffic Lights /  Wheel Guides

    Wheel Chocks /  Dock Steps / Safety Mirrors /  Corner Seals

    Tail Lift Sealing  /   Reflecting Road Marks /  Safelty Bollards

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  • Dock Houses

    The DHH and DHE Dock houses are placed in front of the building and are cost-effective by saving expensive internal warehouse space within the building. The industrial door closes to the floor of the building and ensures an optimal insulation of the building. The modular concept of the Van Wijk Nederland BV dock houses are suitable for any specific customer situation. The upper construction can be foreseen with single or insulated cladding or panels.

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