DLH Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with a hinged (swing) lip.

DLE Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with an extendable lip.

DSCM-R Dock Shelter

The DSC curtain dock shelter

DLE Dock Leveller

Hydraulic telescopic lip dock levellers

The DLE dock levellers provide infinite positioning of the telescopic lip on the truck bed and are designed and built to meet the demands of high volume loading and unloading. The DLE telescopic dock leveller also provides the most durable performance with low lifetime cost of ownership.The 4-push button operation with 'auto-return' is very simple. By keeping the ‘raise push button’ pressed, the platform moves up from the rest position until it reaches the correct loading height. By means of the ‘lip out and lip in push buttons’, the lip can subsequently slide onto the truck floor until the desired support is reached. When the button is released, the platform and lip will descend automatically to the level of the vehicle bed.The DLE dock leveller is very robust and reliable and is equipped with 2 platform cylinders and 1 lip cylinder.The DLE dock leveller comes standard in a capacity of 60kN or 100kN and in a large variety of models and options.