DLH Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with a hinged (swing) lip.

DLE Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with an extendable lip.

DSCM-R Dock Shelter

The DSC curtain dock shelter

DLH Dock Leveller

 Hydraulic hinged lip dock levellers

The electro hydraulic DLH dock levelers with hinged swing lip are designed and built to meet the demands of high-volume loading and unloading and provide the most durable performance with low lifetime cost of ownership. The DLH dock leveller is operated with only one push button. By keeping the push button pressed, the platform will go up from its rest position, when the highest point is reached, the lip will swing out. When the push button is released, the platform and lip will descend automatically to the level of the vehicle bed. After the loading and unloading process has been completed, the dock leveller can be returned to the rest position by continuously pressing the ‘return-button’.The DLH dock leveller is very robust and reliable and is equipped with 2 platform cylinders and 1 lip cylinder. The open and self cleaning hinge design preventsaccumulation of dirt in the hinge.The DLH dock leveller comes standard in a capacity of 60kN or 100kN and in a large variety of models and options.