DLH Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with a hinged (swing) lip.

DLE Dock Leveller

Electro hydraulic dock leveller with an extendable lip.

DSCM-R Dock Shelter

The DSC curtain dock shelter

DSCM-R Dock Shelter

The dock shelters and seals of have an aesthetic design and are produced with high quality and durable materials. They are also easy to install and to maintain Collapsible curtain dock shelter.The DSC curtain dock shelters can be used for a wide range of vehicles heights and widths. This dock shelter provides a virtually hermetic seal between truck and dock opening. The internal temperature is therefore ultimately controlled resulting in lower energy consumption and optimal working conditions.The DSC dock shelter is available in many different types and sizes with a wide variety of customized options. The DSC dock shelter is known for its solid construction, optimum drainage and high durable flaps.